Job Function: Fire Prevention Protection Life Safety
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Architect of the Capitol
Dist. Columbia, United States (on-site)
13 days ago

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Architect of the Capitol
Dist. Columbia, United States
13 days ago
$82,764.00 - $153,354.00
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Fire Prevention/protection/life Safety



This position is located in the Architect of the Capitol, Office of the Chief of Operations, Senate Office Buildings, Facilities Support Division. The selectee serves in a developmental capacity as a Fire Protection Engineer with responsibility for performing professional engineering work to protect life and property from destructive fire. The selectee will perform a variety of more difficult assignments to develop experience.


Duties include assessment and prediction of fire hazards or risks; mitigation of fire damage by proper design, construction, and arrangement of facilities; design, construction, inspection, testing, and operation of fire detection and fire suppression apparatus, appliances, devices, and systems; and assessment of fire protection requirements.

Tour of Duty: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. This position is emergency essential. Depending on the type of emergency the employee may be required to report to work during emergency situations. 

The individual selected for this position will perform the following duties:

Fire Protection Engineering

Serves as an expert fire protection engineer with responsibility for developing procedures, methods, designs, plans, and specifications for fire prevention, fire protection, and fire detection in historical buildings of major size and complexity.

Interprets Life Safety Code requirements for application and relevance and writes technical and administrative policies

Analyzes and compiles data from property loss and damage by fire in order to determine causes of fire. Evaluates effectiveness of prevention and protection measures for facilities.

Fire Protection Program Management

Serves as expert professional authority for plans and specifications of new construction; modification, alteration, or additions to buildings, structures, and utilities; for technical sufficiency of incorporated fire prevention and protection facilities; and adherence to state-of-the-art fire prevention and protection practices.

Reviews, evaluates, and approves specifications and drawings, samples, and material certifications submitted by contractors for contract and performance requirements.

Authorizes work of architect-engineer firms to ensure design excellence and that requirements are met.

Provides technical advice on novel approaches to the solution on specific design problems.

As COTR, develops new fire suppression techniques and methods in computer rooms for replacement of halon with non-ozone depleting chemicals.

Develops, reviews, and submits requests with recommendations for approval, approval with reservations, or disapproval for deviations, waivers, or exemptions from policies or standards of fire prevention or protection.

Develops the designs, plans, and specifications for fire protection and fire detection systems of major size and complexity for use in structures, buildings, and facilities including various types of industrial shops and multi-story administrative support buildings.

Performs or directs the survey and investigations at the project site to determine condition of facilities and to secure necessary data prior to initiating design; evaluates the data obtained and incorporates factors into design considerations and solutions.

Coordinates with other engineers and architects in design development to ensure that all technical areas are covered, areas of overlapping responsibilities between technical disciplines receive proper design consideration, and that the total project objectives and schedules are met.

Evaluates design objectives, performs complex technical calculations, identifies most economic and efficient procedures for project design and performance considering all influences, and prepares necessary drawings and specifications.

Prepares correspondence, technical reports, estimates, fact sheets, status reports, and schedules as required to complete project assignment.

Consults with construction contractor personnel to resolve difficult and complex unforeseen problems and latent conditions developing during construction and, based on the condition, prepares sketches or change drawings and specifications solving the problem and incorporates these change documents into the contract performance documents.

Maintains the necessary information (publications, contracts, catalogs, files, and other technical data) and attends appropriate training when approved to remain current and technically competent in the fire protection engineering discipline.


Specialized experience is defined as having experience in 3 of the following:

1) Oversees and evaluating complex fire protection delivery systems.

2) Conducts fire safety surveys of government buildings.

3) Consults with construction contractor personnel to resolve difficult and complex unforeseen problems

4) Participates in design and design reviews for fire protection engineering aspects of facilities and construction projects.

Job ID: 73816370
Washington , Dist. Columbia , United States

Serving Congress and the Supreme Court, the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) is the builder and steward of the landmark buildings and grounds of Capitol Hill. Our staff preserves and maintains the historic buildings, monuments, art and inspirational gardens on the Capitol campus.

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